Guaranteed Success

Description and ingredients:

The building is expected to consist of a mosque with a capacity of about five hundred worshipers, in addition to a prayer room for women, an administrative building, one or two halls for lectures and for hosting celebrations, an Islamic library, a gymnasium and a similar area for kindergartens, and several classes between six and ten as a school for young adults. Next to a kitchen, ablution bathrooms, several car parking, a laundry, and a refrigerator for washing and preserving the dead.


The plan is to purchase a ready-made building and renovate it to accommodate the required facilities.


Our mission is to Serve, Educate and inspire the local community

Religious activities

Prayer space for daily & Eid

Funeral services

Washing, shrouding and burial services.

Facilities for sporting activities

Indoor female and youth gym.

Facilities for educational activities

Classrooms for afterschool club and youth work, Madrasah for Quran memorisation and learning arabic. Workshops & Lectures. Personal development & Integration

Class Rooms

Our classrooms are designed to be a welcoming and inclusive space where members of our community can connect with their faith and cultural heritage.

Facilities for social activities

Community hall for events e.g. marriage, family events, family support & Iftar Ramadan

Education & Development

Our center is dedicated to providing educational and development opportunities for members of our community.


A way that is modest and comfortable for them. We understand that not everyone is comfortable working

Prayers & Eid Salah

The prayer hall is open for the five daily prayers as well as for special occasions such as Eid prayers.