Class Rooms



Our classrooms are designed to be a welcoming and inclusive space where members of our community can connect with their faith and cultural heritage. We understand that many Arabic and Quranic schools in Nottingham have to move from venue to venue regularly because they are either unsuitable or too expensive, and we want to provide a solution to this problem. Our classrooms are well-designed and purpose-built, with the specific needs of students in mind. They are spacious and comfortable, with all the necessary amenities to ensure a productive and enjoyable learning experience. Our classrooms are available regularly and affordably, making them a convenient and accessible option for schools and other groups looking for a place to hold their classes. We welcome all youth to come and learn the principles of Islam and good character in these classrooms, as well as to practice their Arabic speaking skills and make connections with others. We hope that our classrooms will become a vital resource for our community, providing a space for young people to connect with their faith and cultural heritage and to grow and learn in a supportive and welcoming environment.